Ambassador For Peace Korean War Veteran Medal 


  1. To be eligible, the veterans must have served during the Korean War from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953. It is also available for the veterans who have participated in UN peacekeeping operations until the end of 1955.
  2. The commemorative medals may be awarded posthumously. However, please understand that the highest priority for presenting the medal is given to veterans who are currently surviving in the United States of America. The next of kin, such as the spouse or descendants may apply for the medal on behalf of a deceased veteran.
  3. In order to apply for this commemorative medal, veterans or their family members have to complete the application form. The application form is listed below and can also be obtained by contacting one of the Korean Consulates listed on pages 3 – 6 of this correspondence. Veterans need to provide a copy of their DD214 or Discharge papers from Active Duty along with their application form for verification purposes.
  4. Please send your completed application form to the Defense Attaché Office, Embassy of the Republic of Korea or to one of the Republic of Korea Consulates. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Defense Attaché Office at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea or one of the Republic of Korea's consulates located in the United States.
Download the form here.